Monday, February 2, 2009

Why I Love Ebay, Part 3

I can't bring myself to post the pic so here's the link, which also could have been headlined "Vintage Trends Best Left Behind".

Honestly. What were they thinking, our great-grans, flouncing around in stoles and wraps with little headies and feeties still on the pelts?

While in the States over the weekend, I got to examine one like this up close, in the wonderful vintage shop Tova's in Old Saybrook, CT (best for fantastic gowns of all periods). I had an interesting chat on the subject with the lady who was minding the store. Her take: back in the day when head-on stoles were popular, people were far less attuned to animals' rights. If you're executing your own chickens out in the yard, you'll not be overly upset by a bit of taxidermy around your neck.

I suppose this is true. And, as a wearer of vintage fur, I suppose my issue with the head-on pelts is less squeamishness about the animal origins as the sheer unattractiveness of those ratty little heads.

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