Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hairloom Jewelry

I was amused to see this photo of Elizabeth Moss in this month's American Vogue . . . she's a beautiful woman and her necklace is simple but stunning.

But doesn't it bear a startling resemblance to this little wonder crafted in 1941 by Anni Albers, artist (and wife of the famed modernist painter Josef Albers)? Take a very good look at the components, and decide whether or not you could make one yourself . . .


  1. what a lovely and amusing necklace. I studied with a painter who'd been a student of Albers when I was in college. I love the scarf as well, I wish I knew how to find out the origins of precious treasures like that. Do you know that Christie's is about to auction just about everything that YSL and Pierre Berge collected together over the many years they were together. I got the catalogue. Mind boggling. 6 or 7 volumes in all weighing in at about 15 lbs.I'm only into volume 3 and it's still art and objet.....Gives you a clue to how his mind and eye worked. A very passionate man. Would love to have you over for some tea and to sit together on the sofa and go through them together! xo, Fluff

  2. I'll bring the scones, mate! That auction is going to be FEVERED. I'll have a look round the Christie's site to see what I won't be bidding on . . . am very eager to see if there's any costume . . . xx!