Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pink, Hot, and so is Tangerine

On Saturday night, I went to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Scarpetta with my niece Roberta and a small group of my close Italian friends . . . I ate spaghetti con pomodoro and basilico — and, here, I must interject something for your benefit. Americans overcook their pasta. Always. And there’s too much sauce. Too much of everything! Please, try to control yourselves.

Giorgio Armani, ladies and gentlement, writing for The New York Times's fashion blog, T. He's talking about red sauce. The wisdom is equally applicable to the season's fashion equivalent: the colors hot pink and orange.

(haha stretching a metaphor! indulge me) Pioneered in high fashion by Yves Saint Laurent, who was reputedly inspired by the tropical blooms in his Morocco garden, they are an exceedingly dangerous pair in the hands of amateurs. Not given to natural harmony (unless under a searing blue sky), baneful to many skin tones, and far from restrained, fuchsia and tangerine are best worn together in small doses. Like the lovely Paloma Picasso does here, against black . . . or as you might do, once it warms up, with bright accessories against khaki and white . . .

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