Friday, February 13, 2009

Glamorizing your Closet

Through painful experience, I've come to realize that one's wardrobe is only as good as how well it's kept. Sanity and good vibes emanate from a closet that is orderly and--really important--scannable in one glance.

I don't have a trophy walk-in like Eva's. But all my clothes are organized by type on identical hangers. It's amazing what a difference this has made. No more jumble of wire, wood, and plastic. The pieces hang evenly, making a display. I can open up the doors and think "this little corner of life is under control."

If you can organize your clothes in a way that replicates a shop, or --think big-- a gallery, these are the benefits:

1) More clothes get put into active circulation because you can see them.
2) You have a clearer picture of those pieces that just aren't working, and ought to be recycled.
3) You value what you have more.

Don't have anything to wear? Oh yes you do. It's in there.

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