Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quality Details: Working Cuff Buttons

It's simple: the more workmanship involved in creating a garment, the finer it tends to be, whether you discover the piece in a designer boutique, in a dress agency/consignment store, or at a flea market.

A cheaply made, fast-fashion jacket would never feature working cuff buttons--ones that can be eased through finished buttonholes, as opposed to decorative buttons that are all dressed up but nowhere to go.

These days, a working cuff isn't terribly useful on a jacket. It's not there to be used but because it's part of the tradition of fine tailoring--a standard to be met and appreciated.

It's also a very good indicator that a given piece of clothing isn't a counterfeit. An earnest counterfeiter could easily sew real Chanel buttons onto a faux Chanel jacket, but a working cuff is simply too complicated to fake.

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