Friday, February 13, 2009

Do You Have What It Takes to Shop Secondhand?

Patricia Marx, who once wrote for Saturday Night Live, brings some wicked observational humor to her pieces on shopping. Here's a sample, from an article in The New Yorker. Substitute "vintage" for "discount" and it may sound very familiar . . .

"Are you certain you have what it takes to shop discount? Do you have the patience to excavate heaps of finery that is frayed, smudged, stretched, faded, pilled, ripped, mis-sized, unstylish, out of season, or never was in season? The grit to see yourself in the glare of flourescent lighting--if you can even find a mirror? The confidence to have an opinion without being told what it is by an encouraging salesperson?"

I sport-shop in circumstances like these and always enjoy it. It's as close to hunting-and-gathering as you can get in a modern urban environment. If civilization equals swanning around posh boutiques on Sloane Street or Madison Avenue, that's splendid as a rare treat, but on a routine basis I'd rather forage.

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