Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's Black and White and Cool All Over?

I have a such a weakness for shoes that are mirror images of each other: left, meet right, ooh you're getting along so well!

In terms of vintage history, these most typically source from the Mod era of the early 60s, when the graphic geometries of circle, square, triangle and rectangle found their ultimate expression in the similarly absolute hues of black and white.

Throw in a matching bag, and the deal is sealed, no? If the shoe fits, and you've got a hip wedding to go to, you could build the entire outfit around this very ensemble; white sheath for day, black for night.


  1. Those are darling! I am an absolute fan of black and white in anything...throw in the mirror image and i'm hooked! Great find :-)

  2. Love those shoes but sadly they are too large for me. Went to the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A today and noticed that, judging by the shoes and gloves on display, she had big feet (UK 6.5 or 7) but small hands.

  3. *cough cough looking down* a 6.5-7 is not a *big* foot, it is a *grand* foot. Will have to get to see the exhibition, I bet it's fab . . . thanks for the comments!