Monday, April 19, 2010

Crime Against Caninity or . . .

. . . shaggin' wagon styling comes full circle?

More photos here. Why the New York Times put the article in the Sports section instead of Style is one of the many other mysteries of this subgenre of dog grooming.


  1. When my daughter was going to college in Colorado she met a local lady who died her poodle pink to raise awareness of breast cancer. Unfortunately, this lady found out that it is illegal to dye your dog pink in Colorado.
    Who knew such a law existed!

  2. Yes this is curious. Dogs (especially curiously colourful ones like this) have definitely become a fashion item - though how a dog is styled is all a matter of taste..

  3. I prefer the ruffin' it, bandanna-wearing look (actually come to think of it no I don't) but as long as the dogs are happy and the owners are happy, live and let dye.