Thursday, April 29, 2010

Master Class: Betty Wears a Scarf Clip

Was catching up on Mad Men last night, and saw the episode Souvenir. While Betty's dolca vita dress/earrings/updo for the scene in the outdoor cafe in Rome was extraordinary, I was even more taken with her look for the Junior League contingent's appearance at the the town planning meeting.

A cream sheath dress. Transparent cream gloves. A royal blue-and-cream scarf. A gold chain belt. A big statement scarf clip.

While the gloves are over the top for everyday wear today, all the rest could work brilliantly.

Vintage scarf clips are easy to find online. Here's a nice one from Etsy.

The great thing about these little devices is that they take away all the foofing around trying to get a nice knot. Three simple elements, and you're done. Thanks again Mad Men costumers, you're all geniuses.


  1. I like the juxtaposition of soft colors and fabrics with the gold metal of the scarf clip and the gold metal belt. That is a classic period outfit. I adore the costuming on Mad Men.

  2. oh yeah, have another six episodes teed up and waiting to go, v. happy. Trudy has some amazing looks as well . . .

  3. I'm just starting to watch season 3, and I'm always amazed by the depth of costuming on every show. I've been tempted to rewatch episodes just to see if I can spot the same outfit on different actresses!

  4. Sometimes fashion it's nice, but when you start it to use because you wonder how people look at you, that's when you doing it wrong, but well this scarf it's just decoration, I wonder why people do this.. ?

  5. I agree with you that woman looked so elegant in that photo, even though it was time ago she looked so beautiful, I'd like that my girlfriend wearing like her.