Friday, April 30, 2010

Famolare, Whoa-oh

Children of the 70s had so many privileges specific to the decade it's almost unkind to subsequent generations to list them. John Belushi, doing weekly comedy live. Let that sink in. Boston, fresh out of the box. Yago Sangria (and being legal at 18 to drink it). But the list has to end somewhere. For fashion purposes, why don't we stop at Famolares, which, while decidedly done and dusty today, were at the time some of the coolest shoes going for high school girls whose moms wouldn't let them wear Candies.

These shoes wouldn't knock Manolos or Choos off any pedestals with their wavy crepe soles (designed to help you Get There!), but they outstyled the similarly trendy Earth Shoes by miles. Plus they had the advantage of the energetic marketing of Joe Famolare, a shoe dynasty heir turned Broadway dance-shoe designer whose own charisma and showmanship went a long way toward getting the shoes on young women's feet.

You can find a nice trove of vintage Famolares on Etsy. The prices tend to be higher than you'd expect for the old and the worn, but if you had as much fun in yours as I did in mine, simply seeing these pairs again is priceless.


  1. that's really a brand from the past.

  2. Love your blog !!!
    I found your blog while looking for Famolare shoes! I too had a pair in the day ;)
    Stop by sometime! I am a child of the 70's and love to try out trends, but always lean back to vintage as my true love!
    I will be following you asap!

  3. Shoes look interesting, oddly comfortable they look.

  4. oh, I would like to purchase a couple of shoes like those above. I am a crazy consumer and it's all about money to spend. I can do anything to get them... where can I find them?

  5. high school girls whose moms wouldn't let them wear Candies.I think that this is really important , thank for sharing wonderful !

  6. I like this shoes so much, the color and the style are so great