Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Style a Boyfriend Jacket, Part 6

Here, from a Diane Keaton-inspired editorial in September's Paris Vogue is a look I very much like, another in an ongoing appreciation of the boyfriend jacket and how to style it.

First, let's quickly nix the cotton boxers, I don't care if they are from Charvet. Even the lovely and highly-paid Anastasia Barbieri is not quite pulling them off, in the style sense.

I mean above the waist. The skinny silk scarf, softly looped around the neck, just right against the rectorish tailoring of the jacket. Going bare underneath is fine if you're shaped for it and quite bold, but it would work just as well with an unobtrusive scooped tee.

Also . . . note how the simplicity of texture and tone gives emphasis to the chunky metallic wristwear.

Finally, check out the wire frames peeking out of the pocket. Why not use eyeglasses as a styling element? They've got to go somewhere . . .

(photo by Mikael Jansson for Paris Vogue, Sept. 2009)

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