Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Different Way to Wear Vintage Charms

Bracelet? Meh, kind of obvious, plus it's difficult to see the charms when they're all bunched up around your wrist.

But how about this genius idea from Chanel, via the ultraglam Decades vintage boutique in L.A.?

A belt like this, when worn with a simple LBD, shows off the charms, shows off your waist, and is a great excuse for a holiday party conversation with that cute new guy on the sales team, because blokes LOVE fiddly little mechanical things that they don't quite understand, and it doesn't matter whether the charms are Chanel or wee gardening tools or itty bitty souvenirs -- really, as long as they're not Hello Kitty! you're probably in safe territory.

You can get an inexpensive chain link belt in, oh, any of a thousand charity shops/thrift stores in your given land. The charms may be a bit more challenging to collect, but vintage ones won't be terribly expensive either.

Or, of course, you could go for this very one. That teensy quilted handbag charm is adorable.

(image from Decades Inc. blogspot, which you must subscribe to, because it's like a little vacation in fashion heaven . . . )

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