Friday, September 25, 2009

Weeklong Style Seminar: How to Style a Boyfriend Jacket, Part 5

Here's the last in this weeklong series of ways to wear a boyfriend jacket, as demonstrated by fashion-savvy eBay vendors (see entries below for more).

A lot of interesting takeaways in this shot . . .

1) True fact: jackets with formal decorative motifs can look a bit naff/dorky if worn as they were back in the 80s and 90s. For example, if it were teamed with a black dress trousers and modest heels, this tux jacket is one your auntie might put on for dinner and a show in the city. But with a slouchy tee, skinnies, black fedora and studded sandals, the jacket, with its ladylike good manners, is slumming it in the best possible way.

2) Black and navy is one of the most elegant color combos going. The dark-blue tee here is so much more interesting than a plain white one would be.

3) You can show a really deep slice of torso if most of the rest is covered with a slouchy jacket.

4) Ordinarily I detest tie-dye--when I see it, I reflexively think of vomit, which is not a reaction you want to inspire in a passer-by. But these black-grey jeans are a different order of tie-dye. Almost like an animal print in an altered state. I love them, and might have to find a pair for myself.

5) Main point! Here again, as in the entries below, the jacket's button is a key linkup element for the whole outfit. The diamante shape chimes with the etched look on the jeans, and the glimmery studs on the shoes.

If you're not a huge fan of the boyfriend blazer, thanks for your patience this week! Back to usual business on Monday with features on barkcloth, bizarre prints, and more . . .


  1. Headed for Opa's closet His blazer has gold buttons. ma

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