Wednesday, September 2, 2009

La Mode Komodo

The ad above is from Jitrois, a French fashion company I admire for its unabashedly hotcha design ethos. I personally couldn't wear leather leggings and a python jacket with a rabbit fur collar, but love the idea that somebody might, and there's a designer out there who will cater to those needs.

So I've flipped past this ad like, five times, every time idly noting how much the model looks like Darryl Hannah in her Splash years. But then, the last time, I took a good look at the jacket's sleeve (click on the pic to do so yourself).

Sweet mother of godzilla.

And in a rush, all my worst skeeves about reptile came tumbling back (see here, and here).

If your stated aim in life is to give coat-check girls the screamin' meemies, then this jacket is clearly a must-buy. Otherwise, step away from the scales.

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