Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paris Vogue Recommends: Chim Chim Cherie

awwwwesome, no?

I'm not naturally disposed to Goth stylings but stone the crows, Rick Owens does it properly. I mean you truly could go out and stone some crows in this outfit and feel perfectly attired, not that I'm advocating any sort of animal cruelty.

Speaking of which, the clothes are so utterly cryptastic that when I first saw the purse, I thought cool! A tarantula! Upon reading the caption, I discover it's in fact a bunny rabbit.

I reckon that very few readers of this blog have the elective-mute/assassin-demeanor/reptilian-core-temperature necessary to carry this look off in its totality, BUT, as ever with these entries (see earlier this week and last), there is a point to take away.

Check out how utterly sexy that sleeve is. Why? because it's tight, from upper arm to just past the wrist. Remember this when you're dressing with intent. Like the ninja this look is so indebted to, it is quietly lethal.

(photo by Inez Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Paris Vogue August 2009, styled by Tom Pecheux)

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  1. You nailed it...while the entire look would be very difficult to pull off, the elements like the long, fitted sleeves, or the way the skirts move around the legs are undeniably sexy