Monday, September 14, 2009

Paris Vogue Recommends: How To Style Acid-Wash Jeans

Ordinarily I think acid-wash or otherwise distressed jeans can be problematic on women over age 30--a look that's trying way too hard to be rockstar cool.

But here Paris Vogue has hit on a great solution -- use them to deliberately corrupt a look that would otherwise be ultra-matronly.

I love this sort of to-the-manor -born dressing, with the scarf and prep stripes and gorgeous Vara shoes. But with a pair of neatly tailored trousers rounding out the look, it would risk running way too preppy/posh/haute bourgeoise cliché.

With the jeans, it's all a bit less classifiable. And to my mind, that's a cornerstone of true style.

(photo by Inez Lamsweerde and Vanoodh Matadin for Paris Vogue, August 2009)


  1. I love that! Short of the skinny jeans, because I need wide leg or trouser jeans, I want that whole outfit! I wonder if it would look just as good with trouser jeans in a lighter wash?

  2. it could, I think, but in that case I might go with a belted sweater or jacket up top . . . have a go and let me know! xC