Monday, September 7, 2009

Paris Vogue Recommends: Gray's In

Continuing in a series of style points offered up by the August issue of Paris Vogue (more entries below):

Here, a look as cool as a straight-up martini, with a twist of Adam Ant.

I believe stylist Tom Pecheux is attempting to show, via an outfit by Gucci, that it's possible to be extraordinarily interesting in monochrome, as long as there's a strong variation in texture. See how the wool-silk fabric reverbs against the snakeskin bag, the calfskin shoes, the sequinned top--all within a fairly narrow chromatic range.

It's a nice trick to remember, especially if you have a good stock of basics in the same neutral shade. The accessories don't need to be as high-end as these, they just need to refract light in a similarly variable way.

[the photo--marvelous--is by Inez and Vanoodh. The model--and I hardly ever worry about models--appears a tad undernourished.}


  1. Always love your punning titles but you really got me this time. I did a double take when I first read it thinking it was a reference to a legal institution with which I have some connection (in a former life)...not to mention my two year experiment with(out) the hair-dye bottle ;)

  2. And how did *that* go?

    Thanks, Elegance! Again, I will miss you on Sunday, but perhaps at a fair to come . . .

    [For non-British readers, Grey's Inn is where London lawyers ply their trade. And some may even possibly wear Gucci loafers.]

  3. Some say they love the grey (hair) but I have now decided to hit the bottle again in readiness for my winter holiday with our daughter's family in Bondi Beach. As for the lawyering - almost right but it is spelled Gray's Inn with an 'a' like the color (!) in the USA. Maybe see you at Frock Me!?

  4. I love this look every which way. I am basking in the glory of the "boyfriend" trend since I am by natural inclination tomboyish and rocker-ish. Now, my challenge lies into adapting these looks to plus-size.