Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Way to Wear an Old Picture Locket

This entry is dedicated to Jessica and her blog Chronically Vintage, which I find to be an unfailingly energizing. To call it a mood board of all things beautiful from the past isn't quite sufficient, but that's how it affects me . . . take a look and see how it inspires you, for it will.

Onyx. She bestowed Fashion Preserve with that stone, a high compliment, for its glossy black depths are eternally chic. I own only one object of this material, and it is a treasure: a Victorian picture locket, its obverse a sheath of the black mineral, centered with a gorgeous natural pearl, its reverse a glass window that opens to reveal an case for a cherished photo, lock of hair, or other keepsake.

It belonged to my great-grandmother. In my not-terribly-well-off family, it was indeed a treasure. I wear it infrequently, but would love to change that. So yesterday I had a good look at it, and a long think.

I love to do this with vintage pieces . . . reconsider them for modern usage and tweak them into a more up-to-the-minute guise. What could be done with this locket? Pin it on a lapel, wear it as a brooch? Possibly. Somehow attach it to a leather wriststrap, and wear it as a bracelet? Not really . . .

Then I turned it over and the light went on. Who says you have to keep an old photo in it, hidden away? What better frame for a lovely image, or pattern, or other visually graphic element that you could synch to your outfit or mindset or mood?

After that, it was easy. I cut a cardboard template based on the size of the oval glass rim, dug around for some bits and pieces to fill the picture side with, did some more trimming to fit them to shape, and came up with these mini-mood boards, to wear for all the world to see. The beautiful thing is, while a nice locket will cost a small sum, the imagery is essentially free--cut from a magazine, old wrapping paper, or even a photo. What would you put in one?

Have a great weekend.


  1. You are so exquisitely kind, honey, thank you straight from my heart for your deeply touching words about Chronically Vintage. You have more than made my week!

    Delightful and creative use of a treasured family heirloom, thank you for sharing your treasured onyx piece and new spin on a picture locket.

    Many more thanks & huge hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I posted mine! I'm so excited about this. Thanks for hosting it! Add