Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Small Step for Man: A Whopping Payload of Giant Moon Boots for Mankind

Catwalk, schmatwalk. For today's woman, it's all about the Moonwalk, because it's good to be relevant, even when you're 24 hours late with the launch. So in honor of all those brave men, etc. the blog proudly presents the enduring fashion precedent set by the Apollo missions:

Moon Boots!

No, not those above, those are actual lunar boots worn by Commander Eugene Cernan as he bounded around the craters Up There. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC has them proudly on display and is not likely to be having a closet clearout anytime soon.

However, authentic 80s classics by Tecnica of Italy, as well as other lesser-known imitators, are available on the usual online resale sources.

For example: a pair of authentic Moon Boots™ (above), and a pair of really quite striking Let's Call them Ganymede Boots for Trademark Reasons (below), also Italian, in a men's small, which just might fit a lady with Rover-sized feet.

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