Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Wear a Retro White Belt

Short and simple because I'm in vacationland:

Every thrift store/charity shop in the kingdom has, tangled up with the others on the rack in the back, a wide white belt, often of actual leather.

It's the kind of thing the hardcore thrift shopper passes over again and again, simply because it's not obvious how to style it. Teamed with jeans (especially this season's faded and ripped ones) it risks looking like Heather Locklear in her Dynasty heyday, scheming to get at the Carrington bucks. Worn against white, you simply won't see it. Worn with a vertically striped vintage shirtdress, it would be fantastic, but a great vintage shirtdress is hard to find (believe me, I've been trying for months).

The answer? Team it with a simple black or tan or khaki-colored dress, preferably in linen. It will look great, especially if partially masked by like-colored jacket or cardigan. Here's Cameron Diaz demonstrating how.

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