Monday, July 13, 2009

Malarky is the New Black

One of my favorite aspects of a brand-new fashion season is the statements issued by the various design houses which are meant to capture the spirit of the new collection. This is the one realm of high fashion where recycling is held in the highest esteem, the vocabulary being some theme or variation of the words:


Ralph Lauren, quoted in the July American Vogue, did manage to avoid all of the above. Only to produce this oracular wisdom: "Specialness, excitement, and emotion are what will resonate with women right now".

Really? Mundanity, tedium, and Vulcan sang-froid have no place in the wardrobe? Damn, the man is a VISIONARY.

Kate Mulleavy, one half of the sister duo behind Rodarte, is having none of this nonsense, bless her. She pushed the boat right out with this:

"It is inspired by the deconstructed body and Boris Karloff in 1931's Frankenstein." (Which, when you think about it, are much the same thing, but points to Kate for namechecking Boris, whose neck accessories have never been bettered).

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