Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shag Pile, Chanel Style

Was thumbing through this month's Tatler, a publication whose faux-condescending chronicles of conspicuous consumption makes me alternately love it/want to set it on fire.

I felt equally bipolar about this incredible shot on its fashion pages (photo Jamie Brunskill, stylist Hannah Teare, model Edie Campbell). The dress is from Chanel, which has pulled out the stops with the silk crepe, fur and sequins, to awesome effect. If I had a spare £24,235 ($39,930), I'd buy it, and wear it into the great beyond, because even Satan would have to stop to stare at this frockapalooza of a dress.

But I don't. So instead, thinking hard about what I love most, and deciding it's those long furry cuffs (probably goathair); I'd have a cruise around eBay, keying in "fur cuffs", and turn up something like this, above, which sold for a deservedly high price yesterday, or this very cute (and far more wearable than either) ski sweater, left.

Tip: if you are wearing a top or dress with this sort of cuff drama, don't order the soup.

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