Monday, June 15, 2009

In the Muu-Muu

If cows wore dresses, you can be sure they'd wear muumuus. Not only are these late-60s frocks graceful on a generous figure, and typically covered with a riot of flowers, they're they only fashion item a heifer could ask for by name.

Essentially the ladies' version of the classic Hawaiian shirt, the muumuu originated on these islands (its name means "cut off" even though it's most typically ankle length). Close cousins to the glamourous kaftan, maxi, and hostess gowns of the same period, they are invariably a bargain in comparison, but, if belted and accessorized dramatically, give all a run for their money in the style stakes. If you're crafty, sew your own from a pattern from Etsy, or feast your eyes from the many examples at, or keyword Alfred Shaheen on eBay--he is the king of high-end Hawaiian wear, and will get a "stealth brand" post of his very own in an entry to follow.