Friday, May 8, 2009

Top Bird: Joanna Lumley

Am feeling big love for Joanna Lumley at the moment, for her steadfast support of Nepalese and North Indian Gurkha soldiers' right to settle in the UK after serving in the Gurkha Brigade in the British Army.

Lumley has been a very public, eloquent advocate and will not be shut down by the usual tactics aimed at crusading women:

"I know we have been accused of being emotional but that is because I am an actress and a woman, and we are always being accused of being emotional of which I am rather proud. I think that unless you can take judgments of right and wrong like an automaton, you must have emotions because that is our only way of moral guidance."

This from the actress who created the iconic character Patsy of Absolutely Fabulous--a vodka-swilling, chain-smoking walking fashion crime scene with the morals of an alley cat.

Here she is, pulling off the not negligible feat of making tangerine look amazing on a red carpet. Ab fab to the core.

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