Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take a Dip!

If your job sees you buttoned down all week then one way to let your vintage flag fly is playtime, specifically at the pool or on the beach. In that spirit I thought it would be fun to present this roundup of vintage bathing beauties: good looking, wearable suits from all eras that are an excellent alternative to the ones that won't fit you in the retail stores.

Buying beachwear without trying it on first is of course a gamble, but these retro models are far more forgiving of typical figure issues than more modern cuts with higher legs. And the styles are so fantastic! I love the daisies, the flouro maillot is so classically 80s (and therefore exactly right for this summer), and the woolen Edwardian model would be perfect for a beach in Maine or Cornwall, where a little bit of extra coverage compensates for the ""refreshing" temperature of the water.

All these suits are found on eBay: have a look for yourself to see if anything strikes your eye.

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