Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life's a Catwalk, and Somebody's Watching

So from up here from my window over the High Street, I see it all. A battalion of moms pushing strollers (wait! it's England. Mums pushing prams). Real-estate agents telling lies down their mobiles in sharp black suits. And, getting to the point now, lots of young ladies on their first-ever outing in this season's moonlaunch heels.

Girls, girls, girls. There's a right way and a wrong way to walk in these shoes. At left, the wrong way:

Whether it's John Cleese in brogues or you in new or vintage Louboutins, the silly walk is much the same: exaggerated knees-up and careful plant down, with a stiff backward lean, as though imitating a wading bird on the prowl.

The right way to walk in heels, here in a useful video from YouTube.

You're welcome!


  1. Loved the video...I mean really, walking "sexy and sassy"....I am a firm believer in both of these things....

  2. Hey Rich, YouTube riches await you--just key in "walking" and "heels"! Thanks for commenting. xC