Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crocks Carla's Way

Am currently in gator country in the American southeast, and have seen quite a few of these armored beasties lazing in the local canals and lagoons. They're impressive in life, but at the risk of getting savaged by animal rights activists, I think they're just as beautiful (and far better behaved) in handbag form.

Here's a fine specimen on the arm of Madame Sarkozy. It's from Dior, a line she wears quite frequently. I wouldn't be surprised if Galliano himself hadn't given her the most gorgeous exemplar in their stash, knowing the subsequent publicity to be priceless.

This bag costs well into the thousands. But a clever girl can find a superb vintage version on eBay for far, far less. Brands to look for include Lucille de Paris and Vassar. Before you bid, examine the scans very carefully, and know that most professional sellers of vintage reptile bags have trained a very bright light on the item for photography, to make the scales look as glossy as possible.

(photo from Harper's Bazaar UK, © The Picture Library)

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