Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strike a Pose

Just been through the latest issue of French Vogue and tossed it away, bored. Apart from a couple arty black-and-whites by David Sims, editorial was bereft of nourishment . . . the same old same old, models in ultrashort skirts (or none at all), sky-high heels, starkly lit and angularly posed.

The edict, surely, on the part of editorial director and step-in stylist Carine Roitfeld, was "fierce". But thanks to the critiques of the teenagers on America's Next Top Model, hasn't fierce already become self-parodying, a commodity as cheap-jolt predictable as a Taco Bell spicy chicken wrap?

I'm just so tired of seeing professionally beautiful women wearing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise styled like hookers and clowns in the name of cool. It's an insult to both, who aspire to a finer, more beautiful world. Come on fashion, you can too.

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