Friday, November 6, 2009

Overalls Über Alles

This blog learns, from the experts over at, that overalls will be trendtastic next spring, thanks to versions by Altuzarra, Gaultier, and Lauren (above).

This is one trend I will absolutely, positively not indulge in, thanks to too many hours back in my formative years wearing overalls to muck out the horse stalls.

But this is not to say y'all shouldn't! Just do it sensibly. No overalls on the planet are worth more than $50, I don't care if the fittings are gold-plated. Have a good rummage round the online sources. Some cute ones up here, for skinny minnies, and down there, for the better endowed.

I wouldn't worry too much about buying a pair online . . . one great thing about this particular garment is, the fit is nothing if not forgiving. Plus, to counteract the grunge factor, you could wear a really cute blouse underneath . . .

uh-oh. I'm talking myself into them. So here's me bailing out--see you on Monday.

(photo of Ralph Lauren overalls by Marcio Madeira, at


  1. I love overalls too and am known for wearing them a lot. However, I have them in soft corduroy and linen! Very stylish and I always get compliments!

  2. Linen overalls! Sounds very cool. I'll be interested to see how this trend translates to actual girls on the street over the next few months. Thanks to you both for writing.

    Hope you're well, Milla!