Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Fashion Up a Faux Fur Scarf

First: this entry is formatted in homage to one of my favorite blogs going, Blah to TADA, in which the ever-resourceful Claire transforms random household rubbish into amazingly cute and functional items. Like in three frames. The feed never fails to make me smile. Claire, honey, if you ever run out of raw material, come over to my house. We've got rubbish for years.

Anyway, I thought an excellent candidate for the Meh to Oh Yeah treatment would be a charity shop faux-fur scarf, because, having been modestly fashionable on the high street last year, the things are multiplying like tribbles right now in thrift store land. Pick one up for a couple quid/bucks, and then . . .

Dig around in your brooch box, and find the biggest, garish-est, most difficult-to-wear pin that you got. My choice was this black-and-gilt-and-rhinestone wild rose, which somehow just screams Mediterranean funeral, so it doesn't get out very often.

As it turns out, it's just right with the scarf, which can accomodate the brooch's nasty big pin with equinanimity. Arranged to rest like a stole upon the shoulders, it looks dramatic and vaguely regal, and would be smashing, I think, accessorizing one's favorite (but possibly a little too familiar) black party dress.

Thanks again, Claire, and please keep them coming.

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