Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rubber Sole: Get Your Galoshes On

Fabulous shoes have an Achilles' heel: most are not durable enough to withstand even the most scattered of showers. Suede gets tide marks; sandals expose the feet to an unexpected dousing; beautiful leather turns stiff as cardboard if dried improperly after a soaking.

Modern girls in rainy climes get around the problem by wearing one pair of low-maintenance shoes to the destination, then sneaking the high-maintenance ones on in the bathroom. This is silly, but less silly than tanking one's own footsie index by wearing the expensive ones outdoors.

Our forebears had a better idea. Galoshes. I know--there are few words in the English language less sexy than that one. But listen up: you can wear the vintage versions over heels. As clunky as some may be, they look a lot better than puddle-sploshed feet.

Best of all, some are even cute, like these Finnish overshoes trimmed in fake fur.

Have a look around vintage sites for galoshes, or rubber overshoes, as they're sometimes known. Not a bad little item to have, for a rainy day . . .

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