Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama Wore Go-Go Boots

Was chatting with mom on the phone the other day when she dropped this bombshell:

"Do you remember my white boots?"
"White boots? What white boots?"
"Well they were white, and had a square toe. And I wore them with miniskirts. But I didn't show much thigh."

silence ensues, as I think you had a pair of white go-go boots and didn't keep them? . . . and then . . . you showed thigh?

Anyway, mom didn't recall the boots' material--if they were directly inspired by the ones pictured, by Courreges, they were most likely vinyl or plastic, either calf or knee-high, with a low heel. He designed the original versions as part of his spacewalk inspired Fall 1964 collection. As this interesting history on Wiki details, pre-go-gos, women didn't wear high boots as a fashion item; they were more typically used in foul weather or for horseback riding.

The word go-go, by the way, came from France, where it meant something along the lines of "till you drop", as in bop till you drop at club Whiskey à Go-Go.

As far as I know, mom hasn't been there.

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