Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Behold the personal presentation that a squillion-dollar bank account and access to the greatest fashion talents in the world gets you.

Massive fail on both counts.

But Marc, sensibly conservative, looks nice in the tux.


  1. No idea who the couple are in the first photo, but the woman in the second one has lost the plot as usual. Quite sad really as the villagers near me thought she was pretty and petite when she attended the Christmas service here a few years ago. That was when she was newly married to Guy Ritchie and attempting to take on the aura of an English country lady. The thing is, the phrase is "English county lady" - like the Queen. Note both the difference in spelling and reference. She got it wrong on both counts - neither county nor lady.

  2. Thanks as always Elegance! I LOVE your comments. So am I hallucinating, or is that a rhesus monkey's HEAD on Madge's bonnet? Wouldn't put it past her. And how did she manage to find thigh-high boots with zippers on the same side of the leg? Meah, can't look at the picture anymore.

    The other gal is Kate Moss, btw. Many whose opinions I respect have said she looks amazing, but I see only hard (and I'm afraid to say, cheap, even though I'm sure the dress cost a fortune).

  3. That's Kate Moss?! I concur with your comment, and thought it was some hard-faced celebrity wannabe. Yet looking closer ...oh dear, oh dear...(Thanks for your kind comment to me, hope to see you again soon - maybe Frock Me! on 17 May?)