Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I Love Ebay, Part 5

It's not often that an eBay vintage lot makes me feel deep nostalgia but when I saw this one, I just went awwwwww. Looking at it conjured the very smell of my old brownie uniform (Mr. Bubble, chalk dust, Hi-C fruit punch).

Best of all, it's being sold by the Cat's Pajamas, one of my favorite vintage purveyors. Scout's honor.

addendum: was thinking about the beanie at breakfast. As you do. Anyway, got to wondering whether the Girl Scouts of America have updated the beanie in some doofy, misguided way, like turning it into a trucker's cap. So had a cruise around a brownie uniform site, and found this:

GSA, you rule! Thanks so much for preserving the adorable in this little acorn-cap.

1 comment:

  1. GSA does rule! In the UK where the Scouting movement was founded, the adorable brown knitted Brownie hat has been 'modernised' into a low class florescent yellow polyester baseball cap. Having Googled the current uniform, every aspect is stomach-turning, from the yellow 'hoody' to the 'cycle' shorts - what's going on here? Brownies were helpful pixies not sink estate lowlife. Aargh - I am now officially a grumpy old woman!