Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding a Daily Uniform: Part I

I don't work in an office, and consequently am not obliged to look "professional", but am still constantly on the hunt for the perfect daily uniform. By this I mean clothes that require minimum effort to buy, wear, and maintain, but still lend a great casual look.

Here, I think Marc Jacobs, designing for Louis Vuitton, has it nailed. The proportions are perfect. He's used deluxe silks, but it would easily translate into cottons. And it readily scales up, meaning you don't have to be this thin to look this great.

The important points: The colors tone with each other, but the textures don't match, which lends subtle style. The knees are covered. The cut of the cropped pants is just loose enough to flow. The sleeves don't need to be this short: if you don't have Naomi's arms--even Naomi doesn't have these arms anymore--look for a longer, slightly more relaxed sleeve. The style can go from easy to amazing with the addition of a fantastic cuff bracelet, or gorgeous sandals.

Best of all? These cuts--classic polo shirt shape on top, cropped trous below--can be found in any decent charity shop/thrift store. You don't have to pay Vuitton prices to get a classic, easy, wearable look.

(photo Andrew Lamb, © Vogue, The Condé Nast Publications, Ltd)

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