Sunday, April 26, 2009

R.I.P. Bea Arthur

While she'll likely be better-remembered for Golden Girls, to me Bea Arthur will always be Maude. What a funky show that was--Arthur's bald-eagle hauteur and contemptuous growl put the lip in Liberal and, for a very brief while, made bra-burning, abortion-getting, bonehead-men bashing seem normal, if not strictly necessary, behavior.

What I'd like to highlight, however, is the excellent use of the tunic vest on the part of the show's costumers. This unusual garment was the character's trademark--sleeveless, solid color, open-fronted, running down to the knee. You sometimes see the like in clerical garb or ethnic ceremonial wear (I'm thinking now, without much research, of the Balkans). No matter what its derivation, it's a serious piece of clothing befitting a lady whose physical and political stature did not stoop.


  1. You bet, that what I said when I heard the news reporter say "Bea Arthur" had passed. I said to my friend, rest in peace "Maude" She was so hip and spunky! I loved that show!

  2. In memory of bea lets repost this.

  3. I loved Bea. May she R.I.P. God Bless her. What a wonderful lady.