Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hot Plaits

This image has been driving me mad for weeks now. Not on account of the dress, which is gorgeous, in a Nikki Beach glamazon kind of way. Or the pose, which is sheer poetry, kudos to the model and photographer.

It’s the the braid filler thingies. Those hair ornaments with all the claws (click on image to see closer). I’m fairly sure that they are traditional Indian hair jewelry, and I’m certain I’ve seen their like in high fashion before, in some 60s Vogue shot of Marisa Berenson or Veruschka or some other Diana Vreeland go-to girl. But after Googling my fingers to the bone I can’t come up with an exact name or image match. Roberto Cavalli, who is the king of if-ya-got-it-flaunt-it school of design, is accessorizing in a most mysterioso kind of way. If any reader has any idea what they are and where they're from, I'd be so obliged if you'd let me know.

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