Friday, January 30, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not

Do you, like so many of us vintage magpies, have a long rope of faux pearls sitting unworn in a drawer? Because really, how many times can you do a flapper look? Or the classic Chanel pile-up of pearls and gold chains?

Neiman Marcus, bless 'em, has an ad in this month's American Vogue showing a different way to wear a length of pearls (which works equally well atop a clean-lined vintage LBD as it does on the ad's Chanel frock):

Wear the necklace as a belt. Obviously the pearls need to be sturdily knotted, secure of clasp, and long enough to cinch your waist or hips, but what a fine way to get a fresh look from an old (and probably underused) favorite.

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