Friday, January 9, 2009

Heads Up!

So excited. My antique dolly head arrived from North Dakota yesterday. What's a dolly head? A skull-shaped support used in hatmaking. Being made of wood, it is much less likely to complain about stitching and steaming than a human model would.

I won't be making hats anytime soon but want to learn how to restore them--especially non-critical cases in which they've lost their shape due to poor storage. I have a wonderful Schiaparelli cloche in just such a state, and will be blogging on its restoration shortly.

In the meantime, here's what a dolly head looks like in situ, in a shot from the forthcoming film biography of Coco Chanel. (doesn't Audrey Tatou look great!).


  1. Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel....I CAN'T WAIT. THIS should be fantastic. The Shirley Maclaine version wasn't firt to show on a greyhound bus trip(remember Greyhound?). I love the ebay lederhosen reference. I was an Army baby and was born in germany and livesd there til 6 yrs. old. I still have mone from then along with wodden shoes gotten on a trip to Amsterdam at age 5. My mate is German and he has given me his lederhosen he wore as a teenager....absolutely PERFECT and they fit. I love your blog, Christa. Thanks for the preview and the fond memories! Fluff

  2. Can't wait for the film either. Delighted to see that the dolly in the film still looks like an antique/vintage French canvas covered dolly that I bring to fairs to display vintage hats - if only you had asked me!

  3. When does this film drop? I can't wait either!

  4. Hi rollergirl:

    fashionologie ( says it will release in France of mid-2009, later in the year for the rest of the world. The blog has more pics, have a look!