Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Ways to Wear Scarves for Spring: DIY Scarf Ring

I've always been fascinated by the idea of rings made solely to hold scarves in place, but have never gotten around to actually sourcing one. Probably because a little item that already resides in the back of the costume jewelry box is such a good substitute.

I'm talking about my adjustable ring--c'mon, we all have one, even if we're no longer four. This one is a stonking 10K faux diamond -- the kind meant to be worn over a black velvet glove that would need only a ciggie in an ultra-long holder to complete the homage to you-know-who.

The ring's faceted fauxcity is the perfect match for this unusually understated souvenir scarf, from Venice. It too has pretentions to greatness, being made of a polyester that really oughtn't get too close to open flame.

Once folded into a long strip, the scarf ends are simply threaded through the ring, which is then clamped snug using its sensible adjustable feature. I think the two will look smashing worn with a classic white shirt, and I plan to try it as soon as I get dressed this morning.

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