Monday, February 1, 2010

Fashion DIY: How To Make Lace Leggings

So Yves Saint Laurent was in a lace-leggings frame of mind for the house's Resort 2010 collection, as the pumpkin versions at left demonstrate. While store-bought lace leggings are all well and good, is it wholly necessary to buy a dedicated pair WHEN, as often as not, lurking in the closet, are the makings of much the same thing, in the guise of an old pair of lace tights that for one reason or another rarely get worn?

Once the toe-caps have been snipped off these do a remarkably good imitation of the more finished versions. Just grab a sharp pair of scissors, cut approximately at the ball of the foot, and pull on, adjusting from the top rather than the bottom.

Black lace is nice at night (a bit too 80s Madonna for my taste for day). And perfect for spring: a pair of pastel or nude leggings, for a barely-there lacy look, along the lines of what Marc Jacobs was showing here. For whatever reason lace tights in unusual colors are frequently found in the bargain basket at secondhand stores--see if you come across a pair you can transform.


  1. Thanks for the tip - great way to recycle all those pairs of lace tights lurking at the bottom of my drawers. Can't wait to go out and shock the general public with my quirky coloured legs!

  2. Christa I think this is a little scary but going to give it a try as I have a drawerful of these lacey tights. Are you sure the ankle end doesn't 'ride' up the leg when wearing????

  3. Hi Ladies! Elegance, as always you are thinking it through. The answer is, I'm not sure, but will report back later today after having worn my new "laceggings" for a couple hours.

    thoroughly yours, FP