Monday, August 31, 2009

More Ways to Tie a Scarf, by Vera

Here's one I just love: an innovative scarf design in a striking Op print, plus detailed instructions on how to tie it.

The scarf is from Vera. Vera Neumann was a highly esteemed and collectable print specialist, whose signature motif was her name in cursive with a little ladybug nearby. (A great history here, thank you FuzzyLizzy Vintage!) Scarves are the vintagewear most easily found today by this designer, but she also licensed her fabric to garment manufacturers--I have a wonderful white maxi in polyester jersey strewn with a garden of her flowers.

But back to the scarf. Below are the instructions on how to tie it--don't you love the labels ("First Lady" !!). Click on the image to read it more clearly . . . .

I'm on the road today, but when I get home will try to replicate the styles with one of my more traditional squares; I'm sure with a bit of finagling it will come out just fine.


  1. I love Vera scarves! Thanks for this post! So informative!

    Hope you have a great Monday!


  2. Hermes published a booklet showing many inventive ways to tie traditional silk square scarves. You can find this at ShopCurious, along with oodles of curiously colourful silk scarves.

  3. Hi there. First I find your great blog and then I find my name in it! Doesn't get much beter than that. Lizzie