Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Duncan Do-Nots

Here's the great thing about this photograph, for Missoni, in this month's British Harper's Bazaar. Even though model's sitting shotgun in a moving vehicle, scarves all aflutter around her, that right shoe with its glamorous golden stiletto heel is in perfect focus. So bravo for that.

Otherwise, the picture makes me want to give Angela Missoni a good talking-to.


Of course you've heard of Isadora Duncan, the American interpretive dancer who resettled in Europe in the early days of the last century, lived the ultimate bohemian lifestyle (complete with gut-wrenching personal tragedy), and died on the way to a tryst with her toyboy chauffeur. Died horribly. Thanks to her overlong SCARVES, which were hanging out the back of the open-top Bugatti.

OK, so let's pretend that the vehicle above isn't actually moving, and take a better look at the fashion. It is striking, in a free-spirited, 70s kind of way, what with its cable knit and woolly leggings and armwarmers and crocheted skirt and sweater-hoodie-fringed-scarf-wrap all in one. It would be a superb look for a romantic walk the Scottish Moors, except for the stiletto heel part. So this is the country version.

Meanwhile, over on eBay, the citified version is up on offer. Granted, it has more of an 80s vibe with its resplendent pink plaidness, but it does offer a mummy's worth of wrap, plus the wholly improbable bonus of woolly Bermuda shorts. In its own way, it's as brilliantly bonkers as the outfit above.

(but please no trailing ends in moving vehicles!! thank you).

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  1. I love scarves, but geez, it would be horrible to be killed because of one!

    Lovely Ebay find!