Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Wear It: Brogues without Socks

The subject of shoes is sticking like a piece of gum on this blog's foot. Almost instantly after I commit to words the hastily-formed thought that brogues aren't ideal as sensible footgear as they risk looking mannish, that pesky Sartorialist posts a gorgeous photograph of his wife proving me totally wrong in a traditional pair, worn without socks.

Mr. Schuman has been personally responsible, I believe, for a trend among fashionable men of wearing their oxfords without hose of any sort (click through his blog, especially shots from Italy, to see). Are ladies next? If they all look as good as Garance, you can bet on it.

More traditionally, here are Norma Shearer (above), and Katherine Hepburn (below) in brogues, practicing safe socks.

If you opt in--and given the Sartorlialist's current sway over fashion, you well might--good brogues, built to last, are fairly easy to find in vintage outlets--check out boys' versions if your feet run average to small.

(photo of Norma Shearer from the ravishing Seraphic Secret blog; photo of Katherine Hepburn from Disco Nap London, many thanks!)

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