Thursday, August 27, 2009

Necklace is More, Autumn 09

Harper's Bazaar informs us that statement necklaces are again big news for Fall. This is great for vintage lovers, because a mere few dollars/pounds says open sesame to the Aladdin's Cave worth of vintage neckgear out there online, at antiques fairs, and even at tag sales/car boot sales. [If you're new to the blog, we're bilingual here. American and Brit -- Canadians have to fend for themselves].

Anyway, I think the vintage necklace below is a jawdropper, in looks and theme. The retro depiction of the exotic east is certainly a talking point--and if that's not a qualification for a statement necklace, I'm not sure what is.

(necklace top by Oscar de la Renta Autumn 09, image from

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  1. I LOVE big chunky necklaces, I just have never felt like I can pull them off. I'm so much more of a dainty jewelry type of girl. I do love looking at them though, especially the themed ones like the one you've posted!