Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Femme en Fleur in Cuir

Used this excellent book for some research yesterday. It was sitting on the floor, next to the desk, and my eye kept wandering back to the cover. Yes, Nadja Auermann is extraordinarily beautiful, but it was the leather jacket that kept me looking again and again. And then I realized why.

Its cut is New Look, via Dior (illustrated here a follow-on suit by Hattie Carnegie), one of my favorite silhouettes ever, with its wasp waist, ultrafeminine rounded hips, and jacket hem that hits below the pelvis. Three-quarter sleeves and artfully placed pockets add dynamism to its iconic (in the fertile-female sense) form.

Why not revisit in leather? It's a reminder that when he's not totally occupied with brandvertising, Karl Lagerfeld (the jacket is Chanel, '95) can be a genius.

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