Sunday, December 21, 2008

Words to Dress By

"I also find that [fashion] idiocy creeps in when you don't have time to really get things together and you go with something that is untested. That's why it's best to stick with your signature looks for the important things, I think. Still, I cherish moments of fashion idiocy and think you sometimes have to risk looking like a fool to really make magic happen." -- Simon Doonan, Eccentric Glamour

"You don't look rich because you have a rich dress. When you look at a person, do you see the spirit or sexiness or the creativity? Just to see a big diamond, what does it mean? It's all about satisfaction. I think it's horrible, this judgment based on money. It's all an illusion that you look better because you have a symbol of luxury. Really, it doesn't bring you anything." Miuccia Prada, quoted in Dana Thomas's Deluxe

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