Monday, December 29, 2008

Things to do with a single clip earring

Every so often, especially when I'm in a rush, I'll pick up a pair of clip earrings in a secondhand shop without trying them on. The lesson that never gets learned: one will have some sort of problem -- usually a clasp that's too loose to hold the earring snug, making it unreliable to wear.

Instead of chucking both of them out in frustration, I try to think laterally. Is it possible to use just one in another way? Clip it onto a gold chain and wear as a pendant? Is its clasp secure enough to enable its use as a scarf ring? Would it work on the band of a hat?

If you decide to experiment with a solo earring, whatever you affix it to, make sure it's secure. If you'd like it in place permanently, consider bonding the clasp closed with epoxy glue.

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