Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Janice Dickinson: Portrait of the Spitfire as a Young Model, and More from the late '70s

So much to say about style in 1978, as depicted in British Vogue's October issue. I won't even get into the articles and reviews (ok, a little: Grease: "a feeble story line and too few raw edges." Leo Sayer: "was discovered by The Who's Roger Daltry [what?!!] The World According to Garp: "some kind of handbook for the liberated woman")

Anyway, enough cultural history. Check out Janice Dickinson, above, who acted as de facto house model for the magazine during this period.

Janice re-plumed like a phoenix in the noughties. Compare and contrast to a styling trend that was best left behind--pinning a brooch to the much-neglected inguinal region of the lower torso. Honest to god, the headline over the lightning bolt reads: "Draw Men's Eyes To Your Most Beautiful Feature." Scorchio!

Less interestingly, there's the fashion. Which, judging by the square meterage of tweed and other heavy woolen fabric, in several layers, you would imagine that the late seventies London experienced temperatures more typical of Siberia. Even Giorgio Armani, the prince of minimalism, left little of his model uncovered with this coat, hat, and thickly applied inner-lid eyeliner. Jaeger too ensured that the dodgy heating of postwar Blighty (a period that lasted pretty much until the early '90s) was well met with layer upon layer of wool and cord, right down to the tightly knotted tie.

I don't covet these sweltering styles in the slightest, but the shoes were another story. Have a look at these boots from Maud Frizon, whose brilliant designs are, if in good nick, still brilliantly wearable today.

More late '70s tomorrow.

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