Monday, January 25, 2010

This Old Stiletto

In the immortal words of Billy Joel, some ladies are so good with their stiletto that you don't really mind the pain . . .

He's talking about mean girls with a bad attitude. Stiletto heels are another story. If they pinch, or rub, or squeeze your toesies into an impossible little ^, then you do mind the pain, and then some, and typically retaliate by sending the offender to the back of the closet, the Azkaban of evil footwear.

But there's an alternative to the banishment . . . make the shoe do some hard labor. I saw this ad for a little plastic stiletto that works as a doorstop and thought "how cute!"

And then realized that an actual shoe would work just as well, as long as the toe is shallow and you dislike it intently enough to risk scuffing the leather.

How seductive would one of these babies look holding open your bedroom door? If the shoe doesn't fit, wedge it.

(Shoe wedge designed by Liz Dubois and Anthony Petrie, available from Stuart Weitzman stiletto image from

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